Help Manual

· 1.How to open a personal home page?

                 Login to the teacher's personal home page portal, click on the "login" button in the upper right corner, and use the account number and password of the school integrated services portal to login to the system management side to open your personal home page.

· 2. How to add modules/columns that you want to create?

                【Column Management】-- Choose 【Chinese/English Homepage Column Management】-【New】to fill in the name and data type information and complete the column creation, then maintain the corresponding content of the established column.

· 3. How to modify the appearance of the website?

                【Template Management】shows the template style that all teachers have the right to use. Teachers can view the preview style of the selected template through the Preview button, and set the selected style settings through the Use button.

· 4. What if you want to maintain the page data and open it after checking the page?

                Teachers log in to the background and choose "Look first, don't publish outside" to view their home page through preview, confirm that the page is beautiful, complete, click on the agreement, select "Agree to the agreement, publish the home page to the outside world".

· 5. How to repeat and delete content by mistake?

                Click on Help Center, and enter the name of the information you want to restore.

· 6. What if there is a problem with the business system data extracted from the system?

                Part of the data in the system is extracted from the business system and updated regularly every day. These data can be previewed and queried. The selection boxes in front of these data headings are grey and cannot be deleted or re-edited. If this part of the data is wrong, please contact the corresponding business system teachers to modify the data according to the data sources in the teachers'personal homepage management platform. After updating the business system data, the teachers' homepage will automatically update these data every day.

· 7. How to configure exclusive domain names?

                Click on System Configuration to find the domain name and permanent address of the home page and complete the configuration.

· 8. Why don't edited columns be displayed?

                It is found that some edited columns are not displayed in the front desk, which requires you to carefully confirm whether they have been published. Only the content in the "publish" state can be displayed in the front desk, and the content in the "temporary" state can not be displayed.

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